How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Foot Pain CBD Relief Authority News

How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Foot Pain CBD Relief Authority News

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Tell me if you relate to this. Sometimes I come home after a long day, and my feet just hurt. Some of us have foot pain due to environmental stress (like standing for long periods). Some of us have it because of an autoimmune response or other ailments. Well, I’ve got just the cure! Today, I’ll tell you all about the best CBD creams for foot pain. I’ll also give some info about how CBD works. Ready to relax? I am.  


Bottom Line Upfront

During the colder months, I tend to have foot pain. I have no idea why, and nothing my doctor ever gave me seemed to work. But I tried CBD cream, Aspen Green Muscle Relief Cooling Cream to be exact, and it actually gave me some relief. That’s why I added it to this list.

Top Picks

Check out these CBD creams for foot pain before we get started. Based on overall quality, effectiveness, and user usage level, I chose this lineup. Each of these has just the right amount of CBD and other compounds to work wonders on tired, swollen feet. If you want more details about what makes these so special, don’t worry! I’ll give the key specs on all of these products further down.

Best Overall: Receptra Naturals Serious Relief CBD + Arnica Hemp Balm This balm uses full-spectrum hemp CBD and arnica to provide you with relief from everyday fatigue.Best for Beginners: Theraone Activate Lotion With only 150mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD in this bottle, it’s perfect for beginners wanting to try CBD products for the first time.Best for Experienced CBD Users: Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Balm This CBD balm packs a serious punch. There is 3,000mg of CBD in this container!

Does CBD Help Foot Pain?

Yes, there have been multiple studies done worldwide to test the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. In countries like China and Italy, researchers have found that CBD does have anti-inflammatory benefits.

How Does CBD Help Foot Pain?

When any part of your body is swelling, it uses inflammation regulating compounds called cytokines. Studies have shown that CBD can decrease cytokines’ effects on your body, which keeps swelling down. Reducing the swelling can help reduce the pain.

Types and Causes of Foot Pain

These are some of the most common types of foot pain that can be treated with CBD and what causes them:

Plantar Fasciitis – A band of muscle that runs all the way from your heel to your toes becomes inflamed. It’s caused by strain from running, jumping, and wearing ill-fitting footgear.   Posterior Tibial Tendonitis – The tendon running from the arch of your foot to the inside of your lower leg becomes inflamed. Injuries caused by falls and overusing the tendon can cause it to become irritated.   Bunions – The joint connecting your big toe to the ball of your foot becomes misaligned and irritated. Wearing high heels can cause bunions. So can wearing any kind of tight, ill-fitting shoe.   Hammertoe – The joint connecting your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th toe comes out of alignment, irritating the joint. Wearing comfortable shoes that fit correctly can prevent this. Metatarsalgia – The bones in your feet become painful and inflamed. This is usually caused by excessive exercise or localized strain.

Tips for Using CBD to Treat Foot Pain

There are 2 ways you can use CBD to treat foot pain, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of each:

Application – You can apply a CBD foot cream all over your feet to treat foot pain topically. You can find tons of research out there that shows applying CBD directly to an inflamed area helps reduce pain. Consumption – To reduce the pain and relax your entire body, you can choose to consume CBD gummies, drinks, gel capsules, and other CBD products meant to be eaten. This may not help the localized swelling unless used in conjunction with a topical treatment.   

The Best CBD for Foot Pain

I’ve got just the cure when you need some relief from the aching in your feet and ankles. These are the 8 best CBD creams for foot pain. Each contains just the right amount of CBD to keep swelling down. Whether you’re new to using CBD medicinally or an avid CBD user, check out these popular products to see which one you’d like most!

CBD Foot Cream – Lavender 500mg

Best: Price


Lavender and CBD work together in this CBD cream to give you relief and relaxation. Since there are 500mg of CBD in the bottle, this is perfect for beginners but works well for any experience level. Another plus? This product is entirely organic and non-GMO.

Price Range: $25-$35Quantity/Volume: 1.7 fl. Oz. and 500mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: hemp-based cannabinoids, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and oregano oil  

How to Use

Squirt a liberal dollop of lotion out of the lotion tube. Start applying the lotion to your feet in the morning and at night or after you get home from work. You should feel the pain-relieving effects ½ an hour to a couple hours after you apply the lotion.


Perfect amount of CBD for beginners or longtime users who stay on this doseOther ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender oil help alongside the cannabinoidsShea butter helps to make your feet noticeably softer


Some people can’t stand the smell of lavender

CBD Balm Stick Muscle & Joint – 750mg

Best: Cooling Effect


Get ready for an icy sensation! CBD helps reduce the inflammation in your feet, while peppermint oil and wintergreen oil help cool the area down. Camphor oil actually has a warming effect, so the balm stick provides a dual sensation. This product is excellent to use at home or for taking with you on the go.

Price Range: $35-$45Quantity/Volume: 2 fl. Oz. and 750mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Broad-spectrum CBD, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, and camphor oil

How to Use

Take the lid off the roll-on stick. Just like how you use stick deodorant, apply the CBD cooling stick all over your feet and ankles. You can massage the product in even further with your fingertips.


Convenient, easy-to-use product that doesn’t make a messPerfect for beginners and intermediate CBD usersPeppermint oil and wintergreen oil provide an immediate cooling effect 


Some people may not like the cooling effect

Cooling CBD Sports Cream 500mg

Best for: Sports  


Do athletics take a toll on your feet? This CBD cream offers the full effects of CBD and arnica to help you with that. Arnica has many of the same medicinal properties as CBD. Menthol, which is another leading ingredient, gives you a cooling sensation to cut down swelling instantly. Since this bottle is 3.4 fl. Oz., it’s nearly double the size of many of the other bottles listed.

Price Range: $55-$65Quantity/Volume: 3.4 fl. Oz. and 500mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Broad-spectrum hemp CBD, arnica, and menthol

How to Use

Apply between 1-2 pumps of CBD lotion directly to your feet. Thoroughly rub the product into your skin. Afterward, make sure to wash your hands so a cooling tingle isn’t left behind on your fingers and palms!


Cooling effect from the menthol gives instant pain reliefThis cream was made using non-GMO products like non-GMO hempCombining the CBD with arnica gives a double anti-inflammatory boost


This product costs more if you buy it as a one-time purchase instead of subscribing

Theraone Activate Lotion

Best for: Beginners  


This is the perfect CBD lotion for beginners. It gives you a low dosage of CBD (just 150mg) while providing a host of other ingredients that offer a warming effect. The warming oils are all organic, such as white camphor, turmeric, and black pepper oil. Since this bottle is only 1 fl. Oz. it’s the perfect size to try out and see if you like CBD pain-relieving creams.

Price Range: $45-$55Quantity/Volume: 1 fl. Oz. and 150mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD, white camphor oil, turmeric, and black pepper oil

How to Use

Shake the product around in the tube before using it. Squeeze a dollop of CBD cream out of the tube. Rub the cream into your feet and ankles, making sure to work the product in thoroughly. Reapply as you feel you need it.


Low CBD dose that’s perfect for beginnersLots of USDA-certified organic ingredients, like organic CBD, turmeric, black pepper oil, etc.Camphor oil provides a warming sensation, which helps in easing foot pain.


Small bottle for the price

Receptra Naturals Serious Relief CBD + Arnica Hemp Balm

Best: Overall


With 400mg of CBD, this high-quality balm is one I recommend for beginner and intermediate CBD users. Using the natural healing properties of arnica, this warming and skin-softening balm does wonders on aching feet. I love that the jojoba oil makes your skin feel silky soft.

Price Range: $40-$50Quantity/Volume: 1.25 oz. and 400mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD, arnica, jojoba oil, camphor oil

How to Use

Use your fingers to scoop out a quarter-sized amount of balm from the jar. Spread the balm all over your feet and ankles, making sure to work the product into the skin. Use more as needed.


CBD and arnica help to reduce inflammation in the bodyJojoba oil makes skin soft and smooth, which is perfect for feetCamphor oil helps to warm up the affected area, providing instant relief


While all the ingredients are natural and safe, they aren’t organic

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Spray

Best: Spray-On CBD


This is a convenient CBD spray that you can use as an alternative to a cream or balm. With a warming and cooling mix of camphor oil and menthol, you’ll instantly feel a difference. This product is super easy to use, but make sure to let it dry completely before putting your socks back on! With 600mg in 1.7 fl. Oz. bottle, this spray packs a punch.

Price Range: $25-$35Quantity/Volume: 1.7 fl. Oz. and 600mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: CBD hemp extract, camphor oil, and menthol

How to Use

Shake the bottle before use. Then, spray your feet and ankles with the spray bottle. Let your feet dry before walking around and putting on socks/shoes.


Super convenient and easy to useDose of CBD perfect for beginner and intermediate CBD usersCamphor provides a warming sensation, while menthol offers a cooling sensation


Some may feel that the spray’s effects don’t last as long as lotions or balms

Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Balm

Best for: Experienced CBD Users


I don’t recommend this one for newbies. There is a whopping 3,000mg of CBD in this 2.1 oz. balm, making it the best choice for experienced CBD users. Other ingredients like lavender and chamomile work to relax your foot and provide soothing aromatherapy. Lazarus Naturals is a brand I turn to often for their organic products. In this balm, they use organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower seed oil, and more.  

Price Range: $37-$47Quantity/Volume: 2.1 0z and 3,000mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD, lavender, and chamomile

How to Use

Use your fingers to take a small amount of the CBD balm out of the container. Spread the product across your feet and ankles, working it into the skin. This one’s potent, so make sure to start out with just a small amount!


Perfect for experienced CBD usersLavender and chamomile help to relax your musclesBeeswax and jojoba oil keep your skin soft


This may feel like a high CBD dose for beginners

Aspen Green Muscle Relief Cooling Cream

Best: Quality


This may be the priciest CBD cream on the list, but it’s from a quality brand that offers you 1,000mg of CBD in one 2 fl. Oz. container. I recommend this cream for intermediate and experienced CBD users only because the dose of CBD is double that of many other creams on the list. Since Aspen Green uses full-spectrum hemp CBD, you’ll feel the effects of all the different terpenes in the hemp they used.

Price Range: $80-$90Quantity/Volume: 2 fl. Oz. and 1,000mg CBDMedicinal Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract CBD

How to Use

When first trying out this product, use your fingers to scoop out a quarter-sized amount. Spread the lotion across your feet and ankles to see how the lotion reacts with your body.


High-quality productHefty amount of CBD that’s perfect for experienced CBD usersFull spectrum hemp extract allows you to enjoy the benefits of many terpenes


Priciest option on the list


In our last section together, I will answer your most frequently asked questions about using CBD to treat foot pain. Using CBD to treat pain is still a relatively new concept.

Can I Put CBD Oil on My Feet?

You can put CBD oil on your feet to relieve foot pain. Instead of doing this, I recommend buying one of the CBD foot creams, balms, or sprays listed above. These products contain other ingredients besides CBD that work well with CBD to give you a well-rounded healing experience.

What CBD Oil is Good for Foot Pain?

I recommend using a CBD foot cream instead of CBD oil for your feet. You can apply CBD oil directly to your feet to help minimize pain, but you won’t get the cooling or heating effects that one of the CBD creams would give you. The heating and cooling are part of what provides instant relief.

Is CBD Oil Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, CBD oil can be great for plantar fasciitis! CBD will help minimize the pain caused by an irritated band of tissue that starts at your heel and ends at your toes. Just make sure you aren’t using CBD over your other medications to treat plantar fasciitis. Your doctor always knows best!

Ahhh, Sweet Relief

Ready to kick back and let your CBD cream do its thing relieving your swollen feet? I know I do. Which of the 8 best CBD creams for foot pain was your favorite? Do you have one you want to try out? I highly recommend the Aspen Green Muscle Relief Cooling Cream if you’re unsure where to start. 

I hope you found it helpful to learn about how CBD helps foot pain and what it can do for your body as a whole. For more helpful CBD guides, check out our info on buying CBD online for the first time.  

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