How To Motivate Your Family to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

How To Motivate Your Family to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard enough for just us to follow, let alone our entire family. But, living a healthy lifestyle is important for multiple reasons. Not only does it allow us to live longer, it also makes the quality of our life better. Let’s talk about living a healthy lifestyle, and how to motivate your family to follow the same path.  

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle 

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle go far beyond just looking good. Incorporating all kinds of health (mental, physical, etc.) can improve every aspect of your life. Being healthy doesn’t mean just looking thin, after all. Being healthy means actively doing things such as working out, eating a balanced and nutritious meal, taking care of yourself, and working out your brain.  

When you’re regularly working out and eating right, your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs to function correctly. It also allows you to burn energy and fat, and stay in top shape. Not only that, it can help fuel your brain, which improves memory, makes it easier to learn new things, and improves your mental health and overall happiness.  

If you’re taking care of yourself properly, such as proper rest and relaxation, this can also help your life overall. When you practice good hygiene and allow your body to rest, you’ll be less likely to get sick or feel burned out. Also taking the time to resolve any emotional or mental distress you may feel, whether that’s through therapy or something like meditation, makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy emotional and mental state. Your day-to-day life will become easier, while also improving your relationships.  

An important thing to remember, is that not everyday will be perfect. There may be days where you eat one too many cookies, or push yourself too hard. Sometimes that just happens. We are human, after all! The problem comes when you’re consistently neglecting your health. Remember, you are worth the effort it takes to establish a healthy lifestyle. If you want to improve your quality of living, go for it. Just make sure to take it one day at a time, and don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake. 

Tips on How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle 

If you’re wondering how to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably already considered a balanced diet and exercise. But, there may be some things you haven’t considered incorporating into your wellness routine. Here are some of our tips for living a healthier lifestyle. 

When it comes to fitness and getting your body moving, you don’t necessarily have to do a hardcore workout for hours in the gym everyday. It’s more about mindfully moving your body. For example, if you forgot an ingredient at the store and it’s within walking distance, consider going by foot instead of by car. If you find yourself watching hours of TV to unwind after a long day at work, try doing some yoga or dancing in your living room. By moving your body in simple ways, you incorporate more movement into your routine. And, you’ll feel better for it in the long run. 

If you want to fuel your body in a more mindful or healthy way, try to focus less on diets and more on how your body is feeling. Life is all about balance when it comes down to it! While we recommend talking to a nutritionist about an eating plan that works well for you, you could never go wrong with lots of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. Try to learn more recipes that are easy, delicious, and healthy. For example, a chicken salad wrapped in lettuce is a perfect meal for anyday! It will fill you up, not make you feel bloated, and will give your body a good number of nutrients it needs to thrive.  

While taking care of yourself physically is very important, it’s just as important to consider your mental and emotional health when it comes to your wellness routine. If you find yourself struggling with emotions, try doing something about it. Journaling, talking with a friend, or meditating are all great ways to work out your frustrations or anxieties. If nothing you’re doing is helping, it may be worth it to look into getting professional help. No matter what your past or current situation looks like, everyone can benefit from going to therapy.  

How to Get Your Family Involved  

With all of the positive benefits a healthy lifestyle can bring, it makes sense that you would want that for your family. But, getting them on board isn’t always easy. It’s important to first discuss with your family some of the changes you would like to make, that way they fully understand what is going to be happening and why. If everyone is on board, or at least understands the benefits of making some changes, it will be easier to get them to follow along.  

As you’re making changes to you and your family’s lifestyle, it’s important to take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a huge lifestyle change won’t happen that fast either. So, take it one step at a time. Start by adding walks to family night every other week. Try to pick one or two days each week where you only eat foods without added sugars. Swap the soda in the fridge out for seltzer waters. Whatever it is you choose to do, start slow and be patient. The more gradually you make the switch, the better it will go for you. 

Find some time to allow your family to make decisions for themselves, and don’t make them feel guilty for it. For example, if your child chooses to have cake for dessert one night instead of fruit, that’s okay! Making them feel guilty for eating something they like will only harm them in the long run. Instead, educate them on the healthy choices, then trust that they will do what’s best for them and their bodies.  

Incorporating CBD Into Your Healthy Lifestyle 

Did you know that CBD has great benefits for your wellness routine? Incorporating CBD into you and your family’s lifestyle is a perfect way to promote wellness.   

If you have a family member who works out a lot or often has sore muscles, we recommend using our CBD Muscle Rub. It has all of the wonderful benefits of CBD, as well as provides a hot-and-cold effect from Young Living essential oils.  

Add our Calm CBD Roll-On to your nightly wellness routine if you or your family have a hard time relaxing at night. With essential oils like Lavender and Eucalyptus, and our high-quality CBD oil, it’s a great way to wind down for the night. Getting proper sleep is a huge part in living a healthy life. Sleep is when your body processes information and heals your body. So, it’s important to do everything you can to get a good night of sleep! 

To support your emotional and mental health, try using our Cool Mint CBD Oil. Apply a dropper on the desired area as needed to reap the benefits of CBD and Peppermint essential oil. It’s cooling scent will help put your mind at ease, while promoting focus.   

If you’re in need of something comforting on days where your emotional health isn’t at its best, try applying our Cinnamon CBD Oil. It combines our CBD oil and Young Living’s Cinnamon essential oil to provide a warming feeling and a comforting scent. Apply it to your feet and wrists when you’re feeling down, and relax.  

To energize before your workout, use the Citrus CBD Oil. Grapefruit and Orange essential oils are blended with CBD to promote energy and positivity. Not only can it help you pump things up in the gym, it will also help you feel bright and energetic throughout the day.  


We know that incorporating health and wellness to your family’s routine isn’t always easy, but we know that it’s worth it. For more tips on establishing a healthy lifestyle, stay tuned to our blog. For more information on Nature’s Ultra, click here. 


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