imbue elevated LARGE size – 250mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 2 fl oz.

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, imbue elevated LARGE size – 250mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 2 fl oz., Not all good things come in small packages! The Elevated 250 mg large size tincture is ideal for those that need more CBD for a longer period of time.

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5 reviews for imbue elevated LARGE size – 250mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 2 fl oz.

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    I have terrible diseases that prevent me from doing everyday errands. This brand is the only one that helps with my excruciating pain. Thank you I’m•bue for having compassion and empathy for people with terrible excruciating pain

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    After trying to live with Occipital Neuralgia for over a year, with injections in my neck and head, I had to try something else as the pain was getting quite unbearable. I tried the CBD oil thinking it can’t hurt and maybe it will help some. Never did I expect the results I got after just one half a dropper of the oil!! The pain was GONE!! Not just better but totally GONE!! I could not believe it and thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Nope, the next day I took it again and the pain was gone again! This was over a year ago and I am still pain free using the oil every day!!! As a bonus my arthritic hands are much better too! I love this oil and can’t live without it!! THANK YOU , IM-BUE

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    I have tried many because of my autoimmune system and other serious diseases. It took the edge off of my pain and this is why I come back to imbue constantly.. Best product on the markey

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    I use the 25 Mg caps to treat pain. I am convinced they are the best.

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    Pam G

    My 11 year old lab has recently become lame and stiff walking and jogging. Upon rising, his legs lock up and he is clearly uncomfortable. Stiffness works it way out, but I believe he has arthritis and has swelling and discomfort. No kidding, after the first dose (one am and pm) he was walking easily and getting up and down easier. We’re in week two and the lameness has stayed away and he is in better spirits. I use under his tongue and he doesn’t mind a bit. Grateful to make life better for my best buddy. Great product, wonderful communication and quick shipment. I’m coming back for more.

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