imbue vitality – 100mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 1 fl oz

imbue vitality - 100mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp

Feel calm, focused and energized with Imbue Vitality – 100mg – CBD. This full spectrum CBD oil features RSO extracted oil high in other beneficial cannabinoids and rich in terpenes for maximum benefits.

– 100mg of potent, full spectrum CBD per serving
– Extracted using RSO for full cannabinoid and terpene profile
– Non-psychoactive and non-addictive
– Lab tested for safety and purity

Experience relief from stress and anxiety while improving focus and energy levels. The combination of CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes provides a synergistic effect for better results than CBD alone.

Imbue Vitality is perfect for professionals, parents, students or anyone seeking an all-natural supplement to find balance, enhance mood and improve daily performance without unwanted side effects. Boost your vitality and feel your best with Imbue Vitality CBD.

– 100mg of premium CBD per serving
– Contains beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids
– Third party tested for purity and potency
– Non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free

Made for high achievers and go-getters, Imbue Vitality will help you destress, recover faster, and take on your day with ease. Say goodbye to anxiety and distractions and hello to the focused, vibrant version of yourself!

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Product Description


Relax, recharge and reach new heights with Imbue Vitality – 100mg CBD. This full spectrum CBD oil harnesses the power of whole-plant extracts for maximum benefits.

Experience a sense of calm focus and energy without any “high”. The synergistic compounds in Imbue Vitality support various functions for overall wellbeing.

As one of the oldest delivery forms for cannabinoids, we didn’t want to simply rest on old historical approaches, but rather reinvent and dramatically improve the utilization of these century-old compounds. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.


  • Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD, RSO extracted oil high in other beneficial cannabinoids and rich in terpenes
  • Unique vegetable glycerin carrier provided faster absorption, increased bioavailability and pleasant taste with NO added flavors or fillers
  • Excellent for mild to severe issues.
  • Offered in multiple strengths to address various health and wellness concerns

Imbue Vitality – 100mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 1 fl oz, The Vitality 100 mg is perfect for those looking for a higher dose of CBD. A full spectrum CDB tincture made from organically grown hemp. Get it today!

Imbue has an extensive offering of proprietary, uniquely formulated CBD tinctures designed to be the most clinically efficacious on the market. Our renowned natural glycerin-based tinctures have you covered whatever the need or application. And all of our tinctures contain a full cadre of cannabinoids and terpenes to ensure maximum efficacy and performance, with unmatched quality and taste. Our easy-to-use tasting liquid is available in multiple strengths and thoughtfully packaged in a glass bottle with a graduated dropper and recyclable outer box.

Nutritional Information
INGREDIENTS: Organically grown Colorado hemp, full spectrum extract of CBD Oil, and organic vegetable glycerin.
Customer Reviews

5 reviews for imbue vitality – 100mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp – 1 fl oz

  1. 5 Reviews

    Bill Paddock

    Works much better

  2. 5 Reviews


    I’ve used Imbue tinctures daily for about 16 months. My knee pain has been reduced and my stress level much improved. I have seen it positively impact ptsd recovery for friends and family.

  3. 5 Reviews


    My son, who has tourette’s syndrome has been taking the 100 mg CBD oil for almost two weeks now. We are very pleased with this product! His tics have improved so much they are almost gone. We will definitely keeping purchasing from this company. Thank you so much! We are very thankful!

  4. 5 Reviews


    Imbue botanicals are the best when dealing with pain or insomnia. This company is the only one I will use because they’re products work.

  5. 5 Reviews


    Only a third of a dropperful twice a day has greatly improved my anxiety issues due to hormonal shifts from pre-menopause. I can get to sleep more easily, feel more calm and relaxed without any spaced-out side effects at all. It is extrmely effective! I would give 5 stars if it were more affordable for me!

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