imbue em·body 400mg premium CBD salve – 4 oz. jar

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, imbue em·body 400mg premium CBD salve – 4 oz. jar, Em·body 400 mg CBD salve to help treat any bodily pains. Care for your body with the caring and healing properties of CBD. Get your Em·body salve today!

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5 reviews for imbue em·body 400mg premium CBD salve – 4 oz. jar

  1. 5 Reviews


    I suffer from vestibular migraine sometimes I have head pain , ear pain and dizziness this does work for migraines

  2. 5 Reviews

    Vince M

    Wish I Was Aware Of This Product Years Ago!!! It Has Releaved MyBack Pain 10Fold! I can Do Things I Have’t Been Able To Do For Yrs. Without Being In Constant Pain!!! 5 STARS.

  3. 5 Reviews

    Linda Feinberg

    I have fibromyalgia and experience pain and tingling in my neck and arm. The salve helps to reduce the pain and tingling. I apply the salve in the evening before I go to bed and, at times, I also apply the salve in the morning. I recommend this product highly and without any reservations.

  4. 5 Reviews


    This salve goes on nicely and just feels GOOD.

  5. 5 Reviews


    This salve is a must have product if you have arthritis. I wouldn’t be without it.Thanks for a lifesaver!From Imbue: Thank you so much for the kind words. We are so glad the salve is helping. It is one of our most popular products. Thanks so much for your business!

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