imbue lifted by em·body 100mg premium CBD facial cream – 2 oz. jar

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, imbue lifted by em·body 100mg premium CBD facial cream – 2 oz. jar, LIFTED by Em·body – the best lifting CBD face cream money can buy. Made with the best organic ingredients. For men and women. Care for your complexion today!

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5 reviews for imbue lifted by em·body 100mg premium CBD facial cream – 2 oz. jar

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    Ronald Riehs

    I’ve been using the cream for 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed clearer skin. It’s light weight but rich. My skin is on the oily side and this seems to help balance it out. The ingredients are soothing and puts a nice glow on my face. I do wish it had more CBD. Overall, a very good product.

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    Denise Curtis

    I have recently started using this Face Cream along with the Lifted Eye Cream and I absolutely love them both. It is very rich and hydrating and even though my skin tends to be a little on the oily side this cream still works for me without being too heavy. My skin just feels very soft and hydrated all day. The tiniest bit goes a very long way.

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    Joni Friedman

    This makes my skin feel amazing. I am 62 and people think I am 20 years younger. Honestly. My 23 year old daughter uses this too. She has extremely sensitive skin and pcos. Best product and I used many.

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    suzanne Seed

    I love this face cream. Makes my skin feel and look great

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    Joni Friedman

    My 60 year old face and my daughter’s 21 year old face adore this cream. I have so many products and I always use this one. Sometimes in the am I use this too. It is uplifting and a perfect texture. Easily absorbed and works like a dream. My daughter has had troubled skin and is very careful in her product choices. I just sent her another jar.

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