Blaze Disposable Vape-Berry Naughty 5% (2500 Puffs)

The perfect Berry Mixture. Strawberries, <br>cherries, and other berries mash-up to play with your senses and have a lot of flavors. This vape will bring some spice to your life, especially if you love to stay in trouble.

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Blaze Disposable Vape-Berry Naughty

5% (2500 Puffs), Blaze Vapor is a one-of-a-kind smoke experience from the vape down to the packaging. They patented the triangular shape of the device and in doing so have brought an entirely different dynamic to the public. The Crush is the first new device from Blaze and features anti-leak technology and 2,500 puffs of delicious salt nicotine e-liquid. Their flavor selection is fine-tuned to the preferences of the South Florida community at large and has options to satisfy your tastebuds beyond comparison.

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