Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels Ananda Professional

Ananda Professional

Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels Ananda Professional

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is among the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp but is largely overshadowed by the emphasis on cannabidiol (CBD). Research has shown a 3x higher Cmax (peak serum concentration) of CBD levels in the body when CBDa is administered compared to CBD alone. The two main hypotheses are:

  1. CBDa is a highly bioavailable cannabinoid that becomes CBD in the body
  2. CBDa increases the bioavailability of other cannabinoids ingested simultaneously

This tincture contains active cannabinoids. Measure with precision using the included scored pipette, and enjoy personalized administration.

Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels Ananda Professional Servings

30 (60 ct., 2 softgels/serving)

Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels Ananda Professional Suggested Use

For optimum results, take it consistently, daily, and preferably with a meal. Store in a cool, dry place (does not require refrigeration). We suggest starting with one softgel, ideally in the evening. Monitor how you feel for a day or two at this dose. If you feel you need more, you can repeat this process every 12 hours.

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ananda professional, Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels, Limited Release

Full Spectrum CBDa Softgels Ananda Professional

Nutritional Information
Hemp Seed Oil, Glycerin, Gelatin, Ananda Raw Hemp Extract, Ananda Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Contains <0.3% THC.
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