imbue health-25 – 25mg premium CBD capsules – 30 ct

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imbue health-25

imbue health-25 – 25mg premium CBD capsules – 30 ct, Best CBD premium Im·bue 25 mg capsules with a more sustained concentration and in a convenient capsule form. They’re vegan. Buy today!

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5 reviews for imbue health-25 – 25mg premium CBD capsules – 30 ct

  1. 5 Reviews

    Denise Curtis

    I take 1 of these every morning and a 50 mg capsule at night for sleep. Together they work great for me. Improved sleep and less arthritis pain.

  2. 5 Reviews

    Nancy Matthews

    After taking the capsules…one in the am and one pm, absolutely no creaky joints upon awakening…arthritis in thumb gone. You can’t do it for a week or even a month…it took 6 months for results

  3. 5 Reviews

    Carissa Jones

    Wow, first off I do have to say how amazing the service is with this company. All I have to say is within a day (because pain was so severe for my boyfriend) these gave him back his ability to live life again. They had recommended me to get the salve and I said no only because I didn’t think my boyfriend would let me use it on his muscles. These guys still were so kind and told me to take a sample. Well I did and oh my gosh, I’m buying it with my second bottle of these capsules. I wish you all would know these work. His pain was so bad he couldn’t make it out of bed. Because of these pills they provide an altogether well being. The pain was so chronic and servere. I hope this helps.

  4. 5 Reviews


    Very helpful to aid sleep and also jet lag

  5. 5 Reviews

    Edward Rogers

    Great! Feeling better

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