Does CBD Show Up On Blood Tests? CBD Relief Authority News

Does CBD Show Up On Blood Tests? CBD Relief Authority News

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A recent study determined that 20% of those between 18 and 29 use CBD products. [1] Yet, it’s not only the young that are turning toward CBD products for their reported health benefits. [2] This same study found that about 11% of adults between 50 and 64 have consistently used CBD products.

With CBD becoming an increasingly used substance, more and more people are asking questions about whether or not it shows up on drug panels and blood tests. Sometimes the answer might be crucial, and as you will see, in these cases choosing the right CBD products is crucial as well.

CBD And Drug Tests

In most cases, CBD shouldn’t appear in any blood panel work you have completed. This is because most tests don’t specifically test for CBD or its metabolites when looking for diseases or drugs. Essentially, because CBD doesn’t affect any other blood panel results and isn’t illegal, it isn’t specifically tested. If someone (your job, for example) wanted to determine if you have CBD in your system, they would need to order a special test that looks for this substance.

However, if the CBD you’re ingesting has trace amounts (or large amounts) of THC, this will likely register on a blood test. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products, it’s almost impossible to know if they are 100% CBD or if they have THC. Most people trust what the manufacturer says and the labeling on their products, but often, this labeling is incorrect. In fact, a recent study determined that nearly 20% of CBD products in the Netherlands had trace amounts of THC, even though their labeling stated they were 100% CBD-only. [3]

So be careful when using CBD products before drug and blood tests, and if it’s critical that no THC is detected, make sure you’re using a true isolate or broad-spectrum product.






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